Taking House Calls to the 21st Century


HouseCall21 is a mobile medical service that dispatches nurses to patients’ homes when they are in need of basic health services.  Our nurses come equipped with a MEDiC™ kit.  This medical tote bag provides them with the tools needed to check vitals and perform additional preliminary tests.  Nurses will have the ability to contact regional and distant doctors when necessary for consulting through the use of a telemedical video communication platform.  

These remote doctors will be able to diagnose, treat, and prescribe patients as needed based on test results.


Our MEDiC kit

This is a lightweight, portable, all-in-one telemedicine kit. The MEDiC™ includes a high resolution screen with an attached computer, a variety of specialized cameras and sensors, and other medical equipment needed to check vitals. This variety of equipment allows video communication and transmission of a complexity of patient data between on-site nurses and off-site doctors during appointments.

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What is the Future of  Telemedicine?

The telemedical market is increasing tremendously every year. The last recorded number was in 2014, of a total of 572 million dollars. Along with this consistent increase, the telemedical industry is still innovating and creating a number of different new industry trends. These include an increasing trend for telehealth care services to provide specialty doctors, steadily growing telebehavioral services due to increasing ease of access for telemedical applications and programs, and telemedicine use for tele-chronic disease management.

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